Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Spelled wrong for a reason...I don't know why ask Grouplove lol thats how they spelled it so hey why not lol...I love the winter time..the cold air, Hot chocolate at night curled up in a blanket all day and sometimes sipping it next to a person you care for.... not really like a girlfriend or a boyfriend...the special someone can be anyone a close friend your mom,dad,aunt,uncle what ever...my life has been through alot of shit in the past year...ups and downs loves found and loves lost.. I just wish more people would listen to me..I feel like im standing on Mount Everest screaming down at people and all they hear is what they want to...Oh well i guess its not my place to interfere with people sometimes...they figure out down the road what they are doing is not the right thing to do and stop it... But hey what ya going to do..I start my classes back on monday..Not really ready for it...I did not really pay much attention last quarter..I have my reason and they remain in my head..never to be told..but i think those reasons are slowing leaving my head and im trying to move away from them...it's just really fucking hard..Well im about to freeve my toes off...i may post tomorrow...idk yet...Bye bye bloggers

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