Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Song by Childish Gambino. Ya know life is pretty freaking amazing. I'm loving life and most of the the people in it. School (for once) is going great. Taylor and i are still loving one another, and my family is one of if not the most tight knit familys out there today. You fuck with one of us you get the rest of us. My aunt was put into the hospital the other day for heart troubles...I honestly sat in my room and cried for a good..5 one knows that..i did not even tell taylor....well now she knows...but the plus is she is back in her house under 24 hour nurse care...It just sucks she was one of the people for the past 22 years that has helped raised me..I have had family members die yes..not many of them as close to me as her...She was there at my birth..she held me as a baby...god typing this im beginning to tear up..I just hope and pray she gets better...On a happier note taylor and I are hanging out today..mall, taxes, all that good stuff :)..Well bloggers i have to go get ready..Never take life for granted...Peace out :)

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