Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Say Whats Real

Holy shit am i honestly the luckiest guy in the world...yes..yes i am...me and T.....Ya know what fuck it..no need in hiding it..Im in love with Taylor Baughman....Got a problem..come at me bro...She is the single most amazing girl in my life..She makes me so damn happy :)...My family loves her..like my nana has never meet her and she loves her..my parents Love her..they have seen her as a part of the family for a while now... God really sent her my way...She is a nice girl she is finally getting her life in order and im so happy i helped..are helping...and will always help her with it..So as the title says..Say Whats Real...This is real talk..everything i said right there is real..I love her...she knows it..I know it...and if people got a problem let me know...I love her...I know she is reading this too..cause i told her i posted :P..I love you babe...well peace out bloggers...gotta get ready for a day with her...

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