Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Nights

Well hello there's been a while...almost a that i think of it alot has happened in a month..taylor ( the love of my life) and i are still going strong, I'm still in college, and im still me. Idk what it is but this past month has been all smiles for me. no one can bring me down at this point. it's kinda nice. I have not been this happy since....ever lol...taylor and i are trying to find jobs so we can move in with one another... other then that nothing really eventfiul has happened lately other then the love of my life is still with me and my life is almost perfect..well bloggers im out of here..peace out :)...oh and the song is by a band called Fun. they are one of my new crazes lol

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Me and My Girl

So yea it's Valentines day and...and...AND..I'M NOT SINGLE :D...taylor and i are a month in we are freaking happy...we are hanging out today..going to see The Vow...and I'm kinda stoked to see it... :)...I love this girl with all my heart... She will always have my heart in her hands. This is the first Valentines day in a few years that i have not been singlne in about...4 years now..and it feels amazing to be able to grab a girl by the waist and kiss her....well im done being mushy lol... good by bloggers :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Arm To Arm

Song By: Catch 22...Well hello there fellow bloggers..been almost a week..sorry about that been mad busy. School, Taylor, all that good stuff...Well where do i begin been a week lot to cover...ummm nothing really has changed..taylor and i are trying to get jobs so we can move in with one another...big step i know right..I asked my family what they thought and they said sure why the hell not lol..taylor and i have been together for 2 weeks now..I Know what your thinking 2 weeks is nothing.. but for us i think it is...we love one another... a lot..ummmmm her and i are hanging here at my place tomorrow for a little bit..before hand we are applying for jobs.gotta make money to move out...Well I'm out bloggers..Gott big math test today...ish me luck..Peace

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Song by Childish Gambino. Ya know life is pretty freaking amazing. I'm loving life and most of the the people in it. School (for once) is going great. Taylor and i are still loving one another, and my family is one of if not the most tight knit familys out there today. You fuck with one of us you get the rest of us. My aunt was put into the hospital the other day for heart troubles...I honestly sat in my room and cried for a good..5 one knows that..i did not even tell taylor....well now she knows...but the plus is she is back in her house under 24 hour nurse care...It just sucks she was one of the people for the past 22 years that has helped raised me..I have had family members die yes..not many of them as close to me as her...She was there at my birth..she held me as a baby...god typing this im beginning to tear up..I just hope and pray she gets better...On a happier note taylor and I are hanging out today..mall, taxes, all that good stuff :)..Well bloggers i have to go get ready..Never take life for granted...Peace out :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

All My Life

Song by Foo Fighters...okay so single most amazing weekend of my life..Taylor came over and we hung out all weekend..We watched some movies, and just hung out..friday night she joined me for family loves times i think more than i love her lol...which is a whole hell of a lot lol...Umm friday night after bowling we just hung out. Saturday we went out to eat at Olive Garden with the family..was me, taylor, mom, dad, my aunt, cousin noah, and my aunts boyfriend and his son...We had a freaking blast..Im supposed to see her wednesday as well...Her and i have something..I think at least.. :) well bloggers im out

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The girl on my arm

Here she is..the love of my life :)

You're My Girl

Song by Frank Sinatra...Spent a little time with Taylor today..I'm telling you this girl has my heart in her hand and is holding it gently. I love her so much...We came over my apartment...dont be getting any ideas...nothing least nothing i wanna divulge :P...but yea we watched a few movies...hung out and just had a good time..We went and saw my nana..she Nana hugged her like Taylor and I have been dating for years lol..Taylor was so taken aback by how awesome nana was...We are going to baker for a night and then Saturday evening Taylor and i are meeting nana for dinner..more then likely at cracker barrel :)...well bloggers im off for a bit..peace out

The Real Her

Song by Drake...I think ima start giving the artist who preforms the songs in my titles...Why the hell not lol...So things are going is good and i could not wish for it any other way..taylor and I are doing freaking amazing..she cried a little last night and as a GOOD boyfriend would do i calmed her down and told her everthing was going to be alright...which it is...She has so much shit she is going through and I knew that coming into this..and i dont care..cause i helped her through it as Gil The i get to help her as Gil The Amazing Boyfriend...I posted a picture on my face book a while back...If i have it i will post it here...that was me...I was mario trying to escape..and in a few comments a friend of mine said thats impossible to get which i replied..not to raccoon mario..well i guess I grew a damn tail lol..Well she is coming over today to hang at my apartments we are gonna chillin and do...what ever lol..not to sure yet..more then likely a movie...well im out bloggers..gotta get ready.. peace

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quiet As A Mouse

That's what she was when we first meet..A little cute field mouse running around without a direction or a meaning in life... I was another mouse running in the same field but we never crossed paths... I remember the day i started talking to taylor...It was in august and i was sitting in geometry class..not paying usualy...and i see a post on fb by her..she needed help..and badly..I extended my hand in friendship and things kinda took off from there...It's funny how shit happens...had i not been on facebook...had i seen the post and passed it bye..i would never be in love with the most amazing girl in the world...We spent all day together yesterday...we went to the town center, ate a little food, saw a movie, went to the mall, a few other places and then just hung out..I have never had a more amazing day with a girl...Gonna sound a little mushy here but hey what ever...she is the FIRST girl i have ever kissed in a public place...ever..I stopped typing to actually think about it and yea never..cause when i was younger i was either embarrassed of it..or just embarrassed of the girl...Fuck that i want the world to know i bagged me a quiet little mouse and i love her with all my heart...It's funny how fate brings people together..Well im getting off may post again..depending on what i do today..looks like a day o homework...Fun freaking times lol...peace out bloggers

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Say Whats Real

Holy shit am i honestly the luckiest guy in the world...yes..yes i and T.....Ya know what fuck need in hiding it..Im in love with Taylor Baughman....Got a problem..come at me bro...She is the single most amazing girl in my life..She makes me so damn happy :)...My family loves my nana has never meet her and she loves parents Love her..they have seen her as a part of the family for a while now... God really sent her my way...She is a nice girl she is finally getting her life in order and im so happy i helped..are helping...and will always help her with it..So as the title says..Say Whats Real...This is real talk..everything i said right there is real..I love her...she knows it..I know it...and if people got a problem let me know...I love her...I know she is reading this too..cause i told her i posted :P..I love you babe...well peace out bloggers...gotta get ready for a day with her...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Kinds of Happiness

I have both kinds right. There are 2 kinds of happiness...happy with life..and happy with love...I'm happy with life cause I'm home and loving life..Nothing could make me unhappy right now..I could get kicked in the nuts and smile about it..And i am happy with my family loves me....and finally..freaking finally i have a girl that loves me..Like this day has been in the back of my head for so dang long and now that its hear I honesly pinched myself to make sure that i was not dreaming...pinch..OUCH...awake....THANK GOD.... I really am the happiest guy in the world..peace bloggers

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Arm To Arm

Well this is my last day in South Carolina and its bitter sweet in a few way. Bitter in the fact that i have gotten so close to some awesome kinds..most i dont know others i only see once a year..gonna be sad that i have to wait another whole year to see them..thank god for facebook lol...And sweet cause i got a girl waiting for me when i get not a girl friend...and not my mommy... my "wife" :P....I'm joking naw my ole friend T and i are going to be chilling either Monday or tuesday...not sure yet..either way i cant freaking wait...Not to divulge any info but her and her Bf are no more and it's time for gil to slowly slip in to first place in her heart...even though i already i crazy? Why yes yes i am..crazy about her... I promised her i would take things her pace..and see what happens..if its meant to be its meant to be...if not...well lets not think of that :P...she is also gonna be (hopefully) coming out to baker with me this coming weekend...thats gonna be fun :)...Well bloggers...I'm outy...peace, love, and happiness...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Way I Was Made

I'm sitting in a hotel room 300+ miles away from home and im loving life right now...I'm with my church at a youth retreat...yes i know im not a youth but im playing in the "adult" roll lol...having a good time...have you ever had those sermons when you think the speaker is talking only to you are the only one sitting in the room and he is pointing at you saying" You are screwing up. The things your doing are wrong. Stop" Thats not really what the speaker was talking about but man it sure felt like it..I have not been the best of Christians lately..and it sometimes take a nice slap in the face to wake you up..I have almost cried a few times here...I have not been to my home church in a year and i come back and the kids great me with open i live at the church...kinda the only reason i wanna move back to faith is not what it needs to be... My walk with Christ is not the best. But i have made a promise to myself and to god i will do my best to keep my mind clean and my actions cleaner. Well im heading out bloggers...Peace :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Awake and Alive

Hello fellow bloggers..the past few days have to say the least. things happened that really made me think about life and the people i have in it. I am so glad to have certain people in it. My life is crazy as it is but i have a few people who keep my feet on the ground...I had a sudden slap in the face a few days ago and it really made me think about what i am doing with my life..Made me really sit and think..Is this really what i should be doing.. I know what i have to do in order to be happy but im afraid that if i do it then i will not end up happy in the long run..I am sick as FUCK...Coughing up a damn lung...laptop is pretty much dead and nothing i can do about it lol...I'm going to South Carolina in a few days...ready to just leave and block out so much shit thats happening in life..But I'm still loving life....peace out bloggers

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love Will Save your Soul

You ever have that day where when you wake up your the happiest person in the world...then something happens in the middle of the day that makes you want to kill your self samurai style. (google it) Then something at the later part of the day something happens and shit just seems to be perfect..Thats how today has been lol.. This day has been the most...amazing/fucked up/ idk what the fuck kind of day lol.. but i think things are about as good as they are going to get for a while...The girl T and I talk every day still.. I know its been a while since i have talked about her...just kinda figured i would lol.. on another note....I cute my hair friday..dear god help me a little freaked out..but im donating it to Locks of Love so its not like its going to the trash...I will post a before and after of the ordeal lol... well i think im getting off here for a bit..peace out bloggers..


Spelled wrong for a reason...I don't know why ask Grouplove lol thats how they spelled it so hey why not lol...I love the winter time..the cold air, Hot chocolate at night curled up in a blanket all day and sometimes sipping it next to a person you care for.... not really like a girlfriend or a boyfriend...the special someone can be anyone a close friend your mom,dad,aunt,uncle what life has been through alot of shit in the past and downs loves found and loves lost.. I just wish more people would listen to me..I feel like im standing on Mount Everest screaming down at people and all they hear is what they want to...Oh well i guess its not my place to interfere with people sometimes...they figure out down the road what they are doing is not the right thing to do and stop it... But hey what ya going to do..I start my classes back on monday..Not really ready for it...I did not really pay much attention last quarter..I have my reason and they remain in my head..never to be told..but i think those reasons are slowing leaving my head and im trying to move away from's just really fucking hard..Well im about to freeve my toes off...i may post tomorrow...idk yet...Bye bye bloggers