Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love Will Save your Soul

You ever have that day where when you wake up your the happiest person in the world...then something happens in the middle of the day that makes you want to kill your self samurai style. (google it) Then something at the later part of the day something happens and shit just seems to be perfect..Thats how today has been lol.. This day has been the most...amazing/fucked up/ idk what the fuck kind of day lol.. but i think things are about as good as they are going to get for a while...The girl T and I talk every day still.. I know its been a while since i have talked about her...just kinda figured i would lol.. on another note....I cute my hair friday..dear god help me lol..im a little freaked out..but im donating it to Locks of Love so its not like its going to the trash...I will post a before and after of the ordeal lol... well i think im getting off here for a bit..peace out bloggers..

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