Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Real Her

Song by Drake...I think ima start giving the artist who preforms the songs in my titles...Why the hell not lol...So things are going is good and i could not wish for it any other way..taylor and I are doing freaking amazing..she cried a little last night and as a GOOD boyfriend would do i calmed her down and told her everthing was going to be alright...which it is...She has so much shit she is going through and I knew that coming into this..and i dont care..cause i helped her through it as Gil The i get to help her as Gil The Amazing Boyfriend...I posted a picture on my face book a while back...If i have it i will post it here...that was me...I was mario trying to escape..and in a few comments a friend of mine said thats impossible to get which i replied..not to raccoon mario..well i guess I grew a damn tail lol..Well she is coming over today to hang at my apartments we are gonna chillin and do...what ever lol..not to sure yet..more then likely a movie...well im out bloggers..gotta get ready.. peace

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