Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cough Syrup

I feel like a little kid sometimes with certain things...Like..a lollipop for get a lollipop all to your self you enjoy the hell out of it..but whats that some asshole kid comes and pushes you over and takes your lollipop...yea thats how i fell sometimes..Well only one thing has been like that lately..And if you dont know dont ask :)...sorry but yea had an amazing night last night..a really close friend came over and we had alot of fun together...and now its new years eve and im sitting here listening to Young the Giants Cough Syrup...Hince the name... And its making me think alot about kinda sucks that i could not have been alot more social in highschool..i just wish some shit was different...I think life would be alot better if certain things were done different..but oh well i cant dwell on the past... Well happy new year and ill see you in 2012...unless the world ends..granted we  have until december 22 for ...peace

Monday, December 26, 2011

Letter Home

Merry (late) christmas all..hope everyone had a good one..Hope Santa was good to you..He sure was to me...Well my Nana was not really santa i got a new bike and i freaking love it..Hello skinny me lol..I got what i wanted though..A game, Skyrim. Pretty dang amazing huge freaking game where you can do what ever the hell you want to...other then that nothing really special...Had a girl tell me she was in love with me..but the funny thing is she is in a relationship..She said she loves him but is IN love with have no idea how big my smile got when she told me that..but she want to see how things are gonna go with him first..and im totally okay with that...oh and i had another girl say she hated me..that made me smile too :) everything in life is falling right into place..i go back to jacksonville in a week..then school for another 11 supposed to graduate in about a year or so..god i hope so..I'm ready to be done with schoo...Well im out i may post again tomorrow..peace out

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Awesome

It is...4:30 in the morning and i can't freaking sleep...this is why i don't like going on break from school lol...For the summer break I would not fall asleep until about 8 in the morning...and i refuse to let that happen again lol..I think from now on ima post the song that my titles come from..that way while you read this, you can listen to the song that inspired the post...and you come to realize i listen to one rapper a hell of alot..his name is Childish Gambino..Aka Donald Glover...He is freaking amazing.. Things are really falling back into place lately...T and i are closer then ever and its freaking I think the fact that another guy came into play showed her and i that our friendship will be strong no matter what...And i could not loss her...she told me today that i actually showed her what love is since we have been close friends...I did not think that was possible..ya know... even though she likes this other guy I'm okay with it..cause i know at the end of the day she is close to me and NOTHING can change that...Other then that..ummmm its less then a week until Christmas...pretty freaking stoked on that one... and then a week later it will be the 2012...kinda weird..this year has freaking flown by..kinda nice..I have 9 months until i graduate college...thats something that i never thought would come...well folks..ima try to pass out...I'm at my cousins house and my uncle just woke up to go to work..he looks at me and says "how the hell are you still awake" to which i replied...I think im asleep but my nerves are still going lol..well ima try to pass out..peace out bloggers

Sunday, December 18, 2011


God i love that song..Speaking of love..We have all been in it..well one would think so at least..I know i have..Love is something that can't be faked..It's an emotion that has to come from your heart..Love is something you dont feel it's something you do..weither it be for yourself or for another person...Granted i believe you cant love til you know what love is..And for haters who be reading this i never knew what love was...I tried to fake it..One of the hardest things i have ever done in my life..but i also believe you should not follow your heart..your heart gets you into way to much fucking have to follow your my dad always says "you think long, you think wrong" And im a firm believer in that shit..I know i have thought on something for a long time and it was the worst idea i ever hatched in my head..but then things that just come to me and i do they seem to be sooooo much better...Until just about 2 months ago i only thought my fathers wise saying delt with petty problems..but in a way love is like think to long on dating a person it's usually the wrong person to date..and then you are already in that relationship and wishing you had not done it...I know i have thought way to long about a relationship and it ended up i was shat on lol..well folks my feet are about to fall offf...I'm out..good night all

Friday, December 16, 2011


I have one last class for the day then im off to baker for 3 much needed weeks..I have to go to come home pack... and..oh yea T is coming with for one night then ima bring her back home... God i have way to much shit to pack...My tv,xbox,ALL MY CLOTHS, and a few other minor things...I'm still a little tired..I did not do to sleep until about 4 this morning, but hey thats my own fault...I think my music style i will listen to today is just good ole slow jams...nothing like some Margot and the Nuclear So So's..well bloggers i have to get ready for class...Peace out

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Come Fly With Me

Well my break starts officially tomorrow.. Then i will be in Baker for 3 LOOOOONG weeks..I'm like semi ready for this to happen. I'm listening to Frank Sinatra..If there is one person i wish i could have meet while they were alive it would be him...He is the greatest performer that the world has ever had..His music fill my heart with so much warmth..Well folks im about to hang on my laptop for a little bit...if anything happens ill let you know

New Start...

I fucked up..I should have not deleted all my post..I was pretty depressed at that point that i did it..IDK is T, has seen it...I think she did though cause she deleted all the post she posted about me..It's like theses past few weeks never happened...and i feel like i started that shitty chain reaction...But I think she forgave me and we are semi cool again...but now i will focus this blog more on other things then my personal life...To start off Childish Gambino is the greatest rapper out there now adays..He raps what ever the hell he feels like...The shit he says really hits home with me sometimes...Well I'm about to head out to go eat some golden corral..peace bloggers