Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quiet As A Mouse

That's what she was when we first meet..A little cute field mouse running around without a direction or a meaning in life... I was another mouse running in the same field but we never crossed paths... I remember the day i started talking to taylor...It was in august and i was sitting in geometry class..not paying usualy...and i see a post on fb by her..she needed help..and badly..I extended my hand in friendship and things kinda took off from there...It's funny how shit happens...had i not been on facebook...had i seen the post and passed it bye..i would never be in love with the most amazing girl in the world...We spent all day together yesterday...we went to the town center, ate a little food, saw a movie, went to the mall, a few other places and then just hung out..I have never had a more amazing day with a girl...Gonna sound a little mushy here but hey what ever...she is the FIRST girl i have ever kissed in a public place...ever..I stopped typing to actually think about it and yea never..cause when i was younger i was either embarrassed of it..or just embarrassed of the girl...Fuck that i want the world to know i bagged me a quiet little mouse and i love her with all my heart...It's funny how fate brings people together..Well im getting off may post again..depending on what i do today..looks like a day o homework...Fun freaking times lol...peace out bloggers

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