Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cough Syrup

I feel like a little kid sometimes with certain things...Like..a lollipop for get a lollipop all to your self you enjoy the hell out of it..but whats that some asshole kid comes and pushes you over and takes your lollipop...yea thats how i fell sometimes..Well only one thing has been like that lately..And if you dont know dont ask :)...sorry but yea had an amazing night last night..a really close friend came over and we had alot of fun together...and now its new years eve and im sitting here listening to Young the Giants Cough Syrup...Hince the name... And its making me think alot about kinda sucks that i could not have been alot more social in highschool..i just wish some shit was different...I think life would be alot better if certain things were done different..but oh well i cant dwell on the past... Well happy new year and ill see you in 2012...unless the world ends..granted we  have until december 22 for ...peace

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