Sunday, January 15, 2012

Arm To Arm

Well this is my last day in South Carolina and its bitter sweet in a few way. Bitter in the fact that i have gotten so close to some awesome kinds..most i dont know others i only see once a year..gonna be sad that i have to wait another whole year to see them..thank god for facebook lol...And sweet cause i got a girl waiting for me when i get not a girl friend...and not my mommy... my "wife" :P....I'm joking naw my ole friend T and i are going to be chilling either Monday or tuesday...not sure yet..either way i cant freaking wait...Not to divulge any info but her and her Bf are no more and it's time for gil to slowly slip in to first place in her heart...even though i already i crazy? Why yes yes i am..crazy about her... I promised her i would take things her pace..and see what happens..if its meant to be its meant to be...if not...well lets not think of that :P...she is also gonna be (hopefully) coming out to baker with me this coming weekend...thats gonna be fun :)...Well bloggers...I'm outy...peace, love, and happiness...

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