Monday, January 9, 2012

Awake and Alive

Hello fellow bloggers..the past few days have to say the least. things happened that really made me think about life and the people i have in it. I am so glad to have certain people in it. My life is crazy as it is but i have a few people who keep my feet on the ground...I had a sudden slap in the face a few days ago and it really made me think about what i am doing with my life..Made me really sit and think..Is this really what i should be doing.. I know what i have to do in order to be happy but im afraid that if i do it then i will not end up happy in the long run..I am sick as FUCK...Coughing up a damn lung...laptop is pretty much dead and nothing i can do about it lol...I'm going to South Carolina in a few days...ready to just leave and block out so much shit thats happening in life..But I'm still loving life....peace out bloggers

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