Monday, December 26, 2011

Letter Home

Merry (late) christmas all..hope everyone had a good one..Hope Santa was good to you..He sure was to me...Well my Nana was not really santa i got a new bike and i freaking love it..Hello skinny me lol..I got what i wanted though..A game, Skyrim. Pretty dang amazing huge freaking game where you can do what ever the hell you want to...other then that nothing really special...Had a girl tell me she was in love with me..but the funny thing is she is in a relationship..She said she loves him but is IN love with have no idea how big my smile got when she told me that..but she want to see how things are gonna go with him first..and im totally okay with that...oh and i had another girl say she hated me..that made me smile too :) everything in life is falling right into place..i go back to jacksonville in a week..then school for another 11 supposed to graduate in about a year or so..god i hope so..I'm ready to be done with schoo...Well im out i may post again tomorrow..peace out

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