Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Awesome

It is...4:30 in the morning and i can't freaking sleep...this is why i don't like going on break from school lol...For the summer break I would not fall asleep until about 8 in the morning...and i refuse to let that happen again lol..I think from now on ima post the song that my titles come from..that way while you read this, you can listen to the song that inspired the post...and you come to realize i listen to one rapper a hell of alot..his name is Childish Gambino..Aka Donald Glover...He is freaking amazing.. Things are really falling back into place lately...T and i are closer then ever and its freaking awesome..like I think the fact that another guy came into play showed her and i that our friendship will be strong no matter what...And i could not loss her...she told me today that i actually showed her what love is since we have been close friends...I did not think that was possible..ya know... even though she likes this other guy I'm okay with it..cause i know at the end of the day she is close to me and NOTHING can change that...Other then that..ummmm its less then a week until Christmas...pretty freaking stoked on that one... and then a week later it will be the 2012...kinda weird..this year has freaking flown by..kinda nice..I have 9 months until i graduate college...thats something that i never thought would come...well folks..ima try to pass out...I'm at my cousins house and my uncle just woke up to go to work..he looks at me and says "how the hell are you still awake" to which i replied...I think im asleep but my nerves are still going lol..well ima try to pass out..peace out bloggers

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