Sunday, December 18, 2011


God i love that song..Speaking of love..We have all been in it..well one would think so at least..I know i have..Love is something that can't be faked..It's an emotion that has to come from your heart..Love is something you dont feel it's something you do..weither it be for yourself or for another person...Granted i believe you cant love til you know what love is..And for haters who be reading this i never knew what love was...I tried to fake it..One of the hardest things i have ever done in my life..but i also believe you should not follow your heart..your heart gets you into way to much fucking have to follow your my dad always says "you think long, you think wrong" And im a firm believer in that shit..I know i have thought on something for a long time and it was the worst idea i ever hatched in my head..but then things that just come to me and i do they seem to be sooooo much better...Until just about 2 months ago i only thought my fathers wise saying delt with petty problems..but in a way love is like think to long on dating a person it's usually the wrong person to date..and then you are already in that relationship and wishing you had not done it...I know i have thought way to long about a relationship and it ended up i was shat on lol..well folks my feet are about to fall offf...I'm out..good night all

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